I just learned about painter John Brosio. Wow. 

Here’s his website:


Fantaisy Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando

artist on tumblr

A clinical psychologist by day, Cyril Rolando (aka AquaSixio) spends his free time creating beautifully surreal, digital artwork that portray fantastic scenes and worlds.


I remember seeing this short film a long time ago. Basically, this little machine sees a television with a pretty doll face. She wants to be just like what she sees on t.v, and changes her appearance. The standards get higher and higher (literally), but she tries earnestly.

You can see what happens in the end.This video leaves a powerful message about how our standards of beauty are too high and soon it becomes out of reach.

As one of the comments of the video says

"She was original but she died a copy."

Watch Video

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."







#i cant

system failure


#internet dial up sound


i thought the second gif was frozen but then i saw the light moving in the background

fun fact: benedict cumberbatch has stated that harrison ford is his hero so realistically; when harrison ford said this; he really did have a system shutdown because he probably thought he would never get to meet him. 

Harry WTF? you broke him, he’s not even breathing!

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HEY! what’s up guys?
New uploads on deviantart!!
I know you always ignored me but it would be really nice if this time you wouldn’t.
Please, go to my deviantart and check some stuff I’ve been drawing…
I love you all even when you always ignored me
Have a nice daaay! :3

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